Making A Difference…..with Socks

This is a story of curiosity, sock technology, entrepreneurship,  and wanting to do some good in the world.

Following this story since my sister gave me my first pair of Bombas socks. I am intrigued by how curiosity and compassion play a role in everyday lives.

With a long aversion to socks and how uncomfortable they are it never struck me to find a better way.  I just did not wear them.

But when Randy Goldberg  and David Heath saw a Facebook post about socks being the most requested item at homeless shelters they took a hard look at making socks more comfortable and available to men at these shelters.

Two years of research and development led to seven material improvements to the design, performance and comfort.  Remember that nasty little seam running along the top of your toes?  GONE!   And new design and natural fibers provide heels that stay put,  and keep your feet dry too.

If all this isn’t enough Goldberg and Heath figured out a way to donate one pair of socks for every pair that is purchased.  Currenlty with 1700 partners nationwide and over 20 MILLION pairs of socks donated. Bombas continues constant innovation, development of other clothing items and provide what they call “100% Happiness.”

And the best part?  Every possible color and style for Women, Men and Children.  Check them out and feel good about buying socks.  You will help make a difference.

Socks with a purpose?  Good life lesson.






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What’s Going On @ A Noble Purpose

A quick post to renew friendships and readers. Hard to believe I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of years. Some of you know about my vision impairment through my other blog, Macular Degeneration and Me, but it may be new to others.

Between some of my other volunteering and vision impairment, the research and writing of A Noble Purpose felt heavy on my shoulders. And my eyes!

Finishing up a terrific two years working on a volunteer project I decided to give myself a week of just thinking (and reading what I can handle). I’m glad I took this time to let various projects and ideas roam through my thought process because it’s led me to come back to A Noble Purpose with vim and vigor, but with some changes or caveats perhaps.

I’ll have to figure out what to do about misspellings, how to research without having to read copious amounts of words and to write lighter and brighter.

I would also like to continue with Macular Degeneration and Me because I have much to say about this disease and the impact it has on lives..including friends, families, travel, daily tasks like shopping and driving and life in general. But first I need to get some technical skills under my WordPress belt.

I hope  I have some readers left and if you are out there, please give me a shout. I’d appreciate hearing from you and what you would like to read on this blog.

Pepi Noble


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How Rotary Clubs Saved A Piece of History

Beginning back in 1924 when first chartered, the Mechanicville Rotary Club took an active leadership role to save the land and work with NYS to create an historic preserve at the site of the Battles of Saratoga, .  Through the leadership of men like Mechanicville Mayor George Slingerlands, also Mechanicville Rotary Club president, and Adolph Ochs, publisher of the New York Times and others recognizing the significance of preserving the lands of the crucial Battles of Saratoga, the site was made part of the National Park System in 1938 when authorized by the United States Congress.
The Club archives include letters from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, friend of Slingerlands and Ochs, letters from other dignitaries of the time as well as the Sesquicentennial Dedication and Historical Pageant held on October 8, 1927 – there are many stories of the thousands that visited the Battlefield that day, bumper to bumper traffic on the highways and byways; cars parked all the way down Route 4 to Mechanicville; Governor Alfred E. Smith, Governors from NH, VT and CT attended as well as representatives of Great Britain, France and Poland; hundreds of re-enactors and other performers, with the Club center to all the activity.
The dedication of the George O. Slingerlands Memorial in 1938, another area-wide celebration, was a tribute, not only to Slingerlands but to all the Rotary Clubs in the area who supported the project – financially tens of thousands of dollars were raised to buy the land.
Ably assisted by the Rotary Clubs of Ballston Spa, Granville, Saratoga, Albany and other Rotary Club’s in the area, the story to save these historic lands is a gem in the history of the United States and in Rotary International as well.
For more about the Saratoga Battlefield please click here to read more.

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Changing Lives

This is an inspiring video – where someone’s passion became a way of life and changed the lives of many others.  I would love to meet Veronika Scott, CEO of the Empowerment Plan, a young woman with great compassion and the understanding that empowerment and sustainability are the foundation to solving humankind needs.

The Empowerment Plan’s mission is to educate, employee and empower homeless people so they can provide for their families while producing a product for those in need.  From GED and post HS education, to employee training, daycare scholarships, tools like computers, sewing toolboxes and sewing machines, employees can gain back independence, secure housing and, once again, take care of their families.

By now you must be wondering what do The Empowerment Plan employees produce.  It’s called the EMPWR Coat, a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag.  Click here to read more about this amazing coat, how it is made and the Empowerment Plan’s mission to produce 6.500 of these coats this year for the United States and Canada.  To date twenty-nine states and three provinces have benefitted.

The Employment Plan




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Forty Pieces of Advice

As the new year approaches I once again offer this lovely slide show to you thanks to Charles and Alexandra and to Dennis Garner for his permission to use.  Happy and peaceful 2016 to all.  Remember just one act of kindness or compassion can travel many miles.

Forty Pieces of Advice

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