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Hats For A Purpose

Will you join me and knit, crochet, sew or weave just one HAT for a child in need?  Read on…….

Mary is a little girl I see playing outside at recess.  I noticed that she and many other children don’t wear winter hats.  Checking with a few of the agencies that work with children at risk I found that, in many cases, hats are a luxury that some families cannot afford.

When I was a little girl my grandmother knit helmets for all her grandchildren.  She was amazing to watch as her four needles flew round and round and then suddenly there would be a hat.  Sometimes she would tell us stories about Br’er Rabbit or when she was growing up in Scotland.  Perhaps this is why I care so much about hats for kids.

Hats can be any bright color, any pattern, girls, boys, pre-school to pre-teen whatever you would like to make.

Photos, Tips and Ideas about Hats coming soon



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