Rotary Peace Fellows, Impact On The World

As wars appear to rage on and conflict takes its toll in human misery, a unique group of people are infusing the world with a  spirit of peace, tolerance and understanding.  These Rotary Peace Fellows are professionals trained in the root causes of conflict, the theories of international relations and effective models of cooperation, conflict prevention, sustainable development and social change.

Currently working in governance, diplomacy, nongovernmental and private organizations, these Fellows have studied a broad range of topics including human rights, ethics and world politics, arms control, peacekeeping, international law and global women’s issues at one of the six universities hosting a Rotary Peace Center.  They are leaders in their profession and in their national and international volunteer service.  They are the faces of peace and conflict resolution that Rotary has long believed possible.

Rotary Peace Fellows began traveling abroad to pursue master’s level degrees in 2002 and now number almost 500 strong..  University partners are located at Duke University and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in North Carolina; International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan; Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina; University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England; University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.  Each university partner has a unique curriculum focusing on aspects of international studies providing a broad range of academic experience.

In 2006, Rotary created a shorter professional development certificate program designed to attract mid-to-upper level professionals already hard at work in peace related fields. Rotary selected Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand for the intensive three to six month course designed to expand the participants’ global outlook and strengthen their abilities making a positive impact on future peace work.

When you meet a Rotary Peace Fellow you will never forget it –  a deputy high commissioner for the court in Zambia, a doctor working to provide neonatal care in an area of the world where many children die in infancy, a mediator implementing better social and environmental policies, a humanitarian aid agency officer, an educator working with youth from different religious and ethnic groups to prevent future conflict.  Click here to see more of these beautiful faces of peace.

The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International conducts a globally competitive search for Peace Fellow candidates each year.  Candidates must apply through a local Rotary Club and complete an application that includes academic transcripts, test scores and all related documents required for admission the university of choice.

Interested?  Do you know someone who is ready to make this type of commitment?  Watch this short video and then go to How To Apply for more information.


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