A Powerful Story of Hope

Please take a few minutes and watch this video featuring my friend, Kathryn Cunningham Hall, the founder and president of Power Up Gambia.  I was honored to be Kathryn’s aide at a Rotary Zone Institute in 2008 where she was the keynote speaker.  Her story is powerful – how one person set about the task of raising $300,000. to provide solar panels to a hospital in a remote area of The Gambia – a hospital that had no reliable electricity and where babies were delivered by candlelight.  Now, not only is that hospital solar project complete but an additional clinic serving another 20,000+  people is complete with water and reliable electricity.  It’s amazing what one person with a passion can do.  More about PUG and Kathryn’s story in later posts.  But now, what about you?  What passion would you like to turn into a reality?


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