These Hats Are Noteworthy

Joshua Zecher-Ross, music director at the Cohoes Music Hall is doing his part to make sure children are warm in winter months.  Here he takes a break from conducting the orchestra during a rehearsal for Cabaret at the Cohoes Music Hall to knit a few hats for Hats For A Purpose, our special project to provide winter hats for kids.

Joshua taught himself to knit a few years ago and enjoys the respite it gives him from a busy day.  He also dyes his own wool using, of all things, Kool-Aid.  He uses white wool and various flavors of Kool-Aid to make unique colors.  Joshua reminds us that you must wash the wool throughly after dying.

I was happy to meet Joshua this past weekend and thank him for donating his hats to Hats For A Purpose.


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