Sun Shines on Gambia Hospital

Imagine a remote hospital hundreds of miles from population centers serving 600,000 of the poorest people in need of health care.  Now imagine that hospital with very limited electricity or power outages every day.  Imagine if you took your very sick child to this hospital and a doctor had to use a candle for the examination.  Imagine if your child needed oxygen and there was no way to provide it.  Isn’t it hard to imagine something like this?

Thanks to a new effort by Power Up Gambia, the brainchild of Kathleen Hall, (see my earlier story A Powerful Journey of Hope) reports another stepping stone in its journey to supply solar power for Bansang Hospital in the Gambia.  In December 2010 the installation of maintenance-free lead acid batteries replacements for the defective batteries powering the current solar system for the children’s unit  ended years of limited electricity.  With ongoing maintenance and support for the new battery bank,  the children’s unit has returned to full functionality.

Collaborating with the hospital staff and The Bansang Appeal, Power Up Gambia plans to install a comprehensive solar panel system similar to the ones recently installed at the Sulayman Jungkung General Hospital and the Somita Clinic which will supply electricity and running water for the entire hospital.

This is the work of a dedicated, energized volunteer group committed to using the sustainable energy of the sun in an environmentally responsible way to light up the Gambia one health care facility at a time.  .

Enjoy this video about the project.


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