Making A Difference, Twenty-Four Hats At A Time

More excitement last week when my husband came back from his weekly golf game with a big smile on his face and a big shopping bag in his arms.  Alice, wife of one of his golfing buddies, heard about my Hats For A Purpose project and made twenty-four hats for kids at risk.  What an undertaking!

The hats are of every color, some with pompoms, some with cute little braids – each is another work of art created by someone with a loving and happy heart.  Every time I look at all the hats I see, not just the hat itself, but the person who puts the time and energy into helping others.  It pleases me that I know so many people who want to make a difference.

Thank you Alice.



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2 responses to “Making A Difference, Twenty-Four Hats At A Time

  1. Saw this today and thought of you.,24128909
    So glad to see that your hat collection is growing!

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