Hats For A Purpose Goes International

Thanks to two sisters, Donna in NY and Cathy in Canada, Hats For A Purpose is now international in its purpose to give winter hats to kids at risk.  These two knitting wonders created 29 hats, matching scarves and mittens when Donna visited across the border a few weeks ago.  The hats are of every color, pattern and style that you can imagine.  The children will love them!

I’m meeting so many wonderful people through this project – that’s a benefit I hadn’t imagined.  I’d like you all to meet each other too so in the next few weeks look for a series of articles called YARNS: Stories about the Hats For A Purpose Contributors – how and when they learned to knit, who taught them, what it’s meant to them – it’s amazing how knitting and other similar handwork bridges generations and cultures. Look for these stories soon.

I’m grateful to everyone out there making a hat for a child at risk.  You make a difference in the world.

One of Donna and Cathy’s designs.



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2 responses to “Hats For A Purpose Goes International

  1. Tammy Lenski

    So very cool, Pep — this is really taking off!

  2. It’s quite a thrill to think about all the kids we are helping stay warm this winter.

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