YARNS: Cathie’s Story

I learned to knit in Girl Scouts during WWII when we made squares for afghans for wounded soldiers. I made sweaters, hats and mittens for our three kids for years. I used to make argyle socks for friends; I made one pair for Stan after we met and then I discovered he did not like heavy wool socks. I did however make a pair each year for an uncle until he passed away (must have been 25 years or so). I knit all through some boring college classes, like economics, and through many meetings. I stopped knitting sometime in the 80’s because it made my elbows hurt, but I moved all the leftover yarn and needles from Ohio to Silver Bay to Ticonderoga. About 3 years ago I picked up the needles, found the old basic hat pattern with variations that came from Family Circle years ago, and started again. For 2 years I donated 22 and 20 hats to the Tiny Tim project here. Having given you the Rotary 20, I am on the 8th one for this year’s December Tiny Tim gifts. That’s my knitting history. I still have a part-time job as executive director of the Ticonderoga Festival Guild which puts on six free summer performing arts programs for children, and this year four adult evening programs, as well as various events and fundraisers during the year.


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