The Joy of Soap

Most of you know that I write about people and organizations  making a difference in the world;  generally causes or projects and activities.  But every once in a while I meet someone whose joy in her business and personal life also serves a noble purpose.    Soap maker, Sue Kerber, is one of these people.  She is the founder and owner of RAD Soap, LLC, a home based, locally owned business involving the entire family.  Sue found a niche for her products that includes e-commerce, farmer’s markets and festivals to deliver what she says is “the best soap ever made.”   Here’s how she combined family, a wish to use natural products, a zest for life and one really good sense of humor.

Sue had a good career in sales for a business solutions company but when her children had various medical needs she found little in the way of natural healing products.  So she started researching how to make salves and skin creams that might help with cuts and bruises, sore muscles, skin problems.  Experimenting with essential and natural oils, organic fruit and herbal infusions, she made lotions, creams and soaps that are the basis of RAD today.

Fast forward a few years, with a growing children and a desire to follow her dream, she and her family started RAD Soap.  This is really a family business – everyone pitches in – they all use the products, make the soaps and creams, name them, create tags and wrappers, maintain the website and online ordering and every other detail that goes into a family owned business.  Her son sold me my first bar of Score soap last year and amazed me with his knowledge of soap making and with his love for this product originally made for his sports aches and pains.

Once you visit the RAD Soap website you will see what I mean about a good sense of humor. I love the pictures, the names of the products, how they are made and how much fun this family has working together……..a really noble purpose.


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