Incredible End Polio News from the Global Poverty Project

Coinciding with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia , 4000 people attended the End Polio Concert in Perth on Friday evening, October 28th raising their voices high to support the eradication of polio and calling on world leaders to commit financially to the effort.

According to an email I just received from the Global Poverty Project, “Less than 24 hours later, at a special press conference called just to discuss polio eradication, United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Bill Gates declared their support for polio eradication efforts and collectively committed more than $100 million of additional funding for polio eradication efforts – significantly reducing the funding gap currently limiting vaccination efforts – and providing 100 million additional vaccines against this paralysing disease.”

This is a tribute to the long-term and ongoing efforts of Rotarians around the world and the hard work of the Global Poverty Project.

Listen to the video and pass along this important story of  the power we all have to make a difference!


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