40 Pieces of Advice

This lovely slide show is a gift to all my readers and friends.  The thoughts expressed and photography inspire us all to a noble purpose. Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy.

My thanks to Dennis Garner for permission to use the video and thanks also to Charles and Alex who knew I would love it.



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6 responses to “40 Pieces of Advice

  1. Paul Schouw

    Hello Pepi,
    I am writing an inspirational book about life…with noble purpose…
    Your words here are simple but so true and beautifully said…
    The book is about 400 pages long and growing, and may never be published or seen beyond my own family and friends, but regardlees I am asking if I can use your words, with full credit of course.
    Paul Schouw – B.Arch. (retired architect).

    • Paul I am glad you enjoyed the piece. The slide show was used with the permission of Dennis Garner (dgarner912@gmail.com). I am sure he will give you permission to use it. And if you’d like to give me some credit too that would be fine. Keep me posted about the book.


      • Paul Schouw

        Thank you Pepi…
        It’s a book so won’t have the benefit of the AMAZING photos…
        but your 40 words are as good a summary as I have seen…
        in fact I put as an icon on my home page so click on it several times a day…and found myself doing those things by and by…will let you know when I have mastered all 40….If you have more words of wisdom would love to hear them! …Thanks again…Paul

      • Paul this was done by Dennis Garner as were the pictures. I do not know where they came from but he would be the one to give you permission.

  2. Margrett Davis

    This is so heart warming! I’m interested in the background music. Please let me know what musical instrument is playing and the name of the song. Made my day!!!

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