Jhoole’s Women Weavers

Last June when I first wrote about Jhoole, the eco-conscious fashion organization, founded by the social entrepreneur, Hannah Warren, I was fascinated by the concept of building an organization beneficial to women living below the poverty line in India.  The idea that the power of social enterprise could do battle with injustice, alleviate poverty and pay good living wages was really a noble purpose.

As I’ve followed Hannah and Jhoole these last months it’s been incredible to see where social enterprise and those people with the purpose of sustainability and ethical behavior leads:  a charity partnership with the NGO, Chetanya Sewa , and community partners MATA TRADERS, Womanspace, Rock Valley College and India’s leading fiber-to-garment manufacturer, Pratibha Syntex, grants from the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International are but some of the wonderful things that are happening at Jhoole.

And it’s important to keep in mind that this non-profit puts 80% of the profits back into Jhoole so they can grow and provide employment for more women and 20% of the operating profit is donated to social initiatives in the community through their partnership with Chetyanya Sewa.

Plans for one of their largest ventures, a production and training center in Madhya Pradesh, designed pro bono by Mike Olson, are underway with the goal of building next year.  This facility will provide training and work for almost 500 women as well as school for their children.

Hannah’s original reason for traveling to Madhya Predesh was to photograph the women weavers.  When she got there she was so overcome by the beauty of the fabrics and poverty she saw her photographs became a photo journal.  Click here to view.


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  1. hohi

    i do love the manner in which you have framed this situation.

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