A Song In My Heart For India

In the media where only strife and conflict seem to get any attention, I reach out to tell you the stories of real people and organizations doing the most incredible job of making the world a better place.

Today, I reach out, once again, to my friends and colleagues in the Rotary World as we celebrate an historic moment in the global struggle to eradicate polio as India passed one year without a single case of polio.  For someone who remembers the fear here in the United States back in the ’50’ before Salk and Sabin, there is a song in my heart and I’m filled with joy that the children and parents in this populous country can think of life after polio.

This milestone is the work of millions health workers, community leaders, politician and government leaders and Rotarians, UNICEF, WHO and CDC staff who lead National Immunization Days to distribute vaccine, closely monitor in villages and towns, and the parents who tirelessly work to be sure ALL the children receive oral vaccine.  But we can’t let down our guard.  Pakistan and Afghanistan are still endemic and India is susceptible for reinfection unless we support their efforts to vaccinate every child.  Anywhere there is still polio, it’s a threat to us all.

If you would like to send the people of India a message of thanks and congratulations click here.  Anyone can send a message.

Stand tall, India!  This is a game changer in polio eradication.  If you can do it, we can 



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11 responses to “A Song In My Heart For India

  1. This is truly wonderful! This past weekend we watched the movie “Warm Springs” about Roosevelt’s journey with polio. It was incredible what people had to endure and what a historic day it will be when the disease is gone forever. Thanks for posting about this milestone towards that goal!

    • There’s still a way to go but when you think of the population of India and this milestone, you know we can do it. Thanks for commenting, How’s Grace?

      • Thanks for asking about Grace, Pepi, how sweet of you. She ate something while we were on a short walk a few days ago that created some digestive issues for her again! I was so worried Wednesday night thinking she had a blockage, but things have taken a very positive turn and I think she’s almost back to normal. Whew, our health really impacts our day, doesn’t it?

      • I know she has had some really worrisome digestive problems. By the way I think you know my sister, Tammy Lenski and her rescue Smudge. She lives near you I believe.

      • Yes indeed! I feel very lucky to have Tammy in my life. When you first commented on my blog, I figured out the connection. Would love to meet you someday — perhaps at one of our Rotary events!

      • Which club are you in? I usually visit in August or whenever I can. I have macular degeneration and don’t drive long distances anymore. I see your district conference is in Portland.

      • Tammy and I are in the same club — Monadnock. It would be wonderful to have you visit one of our meetings, Tammy has told me a lot about your Rotary involvement! I won’t be attending the Portland conference but it’s a great city to visit.

      • I’ll make it a point to make a meeting. PDG Chris Parkinson was governor the same year I was. I was at the Trail opening with Tammy. Love to meet Grace. (and you)

  2. Chris was a fabulous Governor for our district. I loved working with him. I wish I could bring Grace to a Rotary meeting but she’s too shy! 🙂 I look forward to meeting you soon!

  3. We Are ALL This Close
    By Randy Thompson
    Past President
    Rotary Club of Willowbrook

    The Rotary Club of Willowbrook in Houston, Texas hosts an annual Monte Carlo fund raiser. This year was our 26th year. We usually host between 200 and 300 generous friends and business associates who enjoy a fun night of food and fund raising.

    This is our second year to successfully implement an EndPolioNow funding appeal as our final live auction item. This unique appeal has wildly exceeded expectations, again. As a “community polio auction” our guests don’t bid against each other but rather “bid” together to see how many children we can collectively vaccinate.

    The procedure for this successful community auction was designed by Rotarian Tom Jackson (twjackson77379@gmail.com). If you are interested in using this very successful appeal in your fund raiser, Tom will help you get set up. Just shoot him an e-mail.

    As Rotarians, we know that we are truly “this close” to the finish line. Now our generous friends and guests know it too. Way to go Rotarians!!

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