One Million Coats and Counting

It doesn’t seem possible but I’ve written this blog for just about a year and it delights me to tell you that one of the first organizations I wrote about celebrates an amazing milestone.  Operation Warm, originally founded to provide new warm winter coats to local children in Pennsylvania and then spread to serving children in thirty-three states, presented  its one millionth coat on February 27th!!  That’s one million children with ‘kid-friendly’ brand new warm winter coats who can now go to school every day.  One million children who know someone cares about them.

Operation Warm partners with many like-minded organizations to break the cycle of poverty and strengthen local communities. I’ve been honored to know and work with Operation Warm and its dedicated staff for a few years and it is heartwarming to see the difference they make.  They must each work 24 hours a day.

So where will Operation Warm go from here?  Watch for details coming soon but you can be sure it will continue its effort to serve even more children and families.


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