Reflecting on Hats

In this second year of Hats For A Purpose, a community project to provide new, handmade winter hats for kids in need,  I think how fortunate our communities are to have so many caring, concerned and talented people willing to jump in when called.  Last year we donated over 300 hats to children in our local area as well as to children who lost everything during the floods following Tropical Storm Irene.

Whether they knit, crochet or weave, people are working on more hats for this winter.  My friend, Donna, is headed to Canada this holiday weekend to weave hats with her sister, Kathy.  Chances are she will bring back twenty or thirty hats and scarves for the kids.  And I know that Cathie B. has another 20 to present on behalf of the Rotary Club of Northern Lake George.

Last winter was exceptionally mild but we can’t count on that this year.  I believe we will be called upon for even more hats so would you like to join us and knit, crochet, sew or weave just one hat for a little girl or boy?  Any color, any style, any size from baby to elementary-aged boys and girls.  Let me know if you wan to be part of Hats For A Purpose.



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9 responses to “Reflecting on Hats

  1. I’m a very beginner knitter, but I have done a couple hats. I’ll put this on my list and see if I can one to you through Tammy. I’d love to help. OK?

  2. Margaret Murphy

    I have yarn and can make hats. What sizes and where do I send them? Please send details about what you need and procedures for me to follow. Thanks

    • Hi, Peggy – thanks for the note and the offer to make hats. The Hats are for kids aged 3 and up – all the way to teenagers and everyone who knits, crochets or weaves is free to make whatever size, color, style they prefer. If you check out my latest post you can see some of the pictures and that should give you a good idea of how eclectic the hats are. We distribute the hats in the late fall so you have almost another year to make one or more hats and join us in our Hats For A Purpose project. Thank you.

      • Margaret Murphy

        Thanks. I’ll start knitting and crocheting and collect a few, then contact you via the blog for details on where to send? and when? It sounds as if you issue a ‘call’ for hats next fall?

      • Thanks Peggy – yes I usually send out a call for hats early in the new year. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

  3. margaret murphy

    has the ‘call’ gone out for Hats for a PUrpose? If so, please redo- I have hats to send. Thanks, Peggy

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