Remembering Rocky

Yesterday I was reminded, once again, of the goodness and love in the world.  I think we need to keep these stories close to our hearts for strength when adversity or hatred raise their ugly heads.

Every Sunday I look forward to Nancy O’Donnell’s column in the Albany Times Union.  Called Gardener’s Notebook, it’s chock full of wisdom, information, tips and ideas on gardening and nature.  In fact, her December 2010 column on growing ginger is on my desk right now.  I also love her reports on the most popular new annuals and perennials of the year.

Sunday’s column was a slight departure and one I’m glad she wrote.  In it she describes how she found and adopted her dog, Rocky, and the life they shared together.  She calls it paw prints on her heart and I couldn’t agree more.  Nancy also writes about the new year as a place to start over and perhaps do something that makes a positive difference…….adopting an abused, abandoned or rescued animal.  The love you will get in return cannot be described.

Click HERE to read this heartwarming and poignant story about her animal hero.

Nancy’s column can be found in the Real Estate section of the Sunday Times Union.  She is also the owner of Perennial Graphics Nursery in Schaghticoke, NY.  Thanks Nancy for all you do to make the world a better place.



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