A Noble Purpose

A recent article in Bloomberg.com about practical wisdom and wise leadership caught my eye.  CEO’s that have the capacity to broaden their perspectives while aligning their organizations with a noble purpose bring value to society at large.  I’ve written about some of these organizations before:  TOMS Shoes, The Century House and other companies doing good in the world as part of their corporate charge.

But the article got me to thinking about whether you have to be a CEO of an organization to have a noble purpose.  Can’t each of us go beyond our egos and personal gain to be genuine and work towards the common good?  I’m reminded of all the people I know who do this every day, day-in and day-out.  It’s a values-based lifestyle.

It’s not just about passion or hard work but the ability to connect what you do with the rest of the world and make a difference.  I think about people who are sometimes called angels or unsung heroes and think that they know the real definition of a noble purpose.  People like Reba Chonofsky, who at the age of 60 took on the coordination of a pilot program to improve the lives of hundreds of adults with physical disabilities.  She worked for twenty years making a difference in the lives of her clients.  More about Reba in a later post so check back often.

Each of us (and YES I mean each of us) has a gift, maybe deep inside and just waiting to be set free, to connect who we are, what we do and believe in with others for A Noble Purpose.  Have you thought about what your purpose is?   I’d love to hear from you.


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