The Hero Next Door

Recently I’ve thought a lot about author Brad Meltzer and his book, Heroes For My Daughter.  In the book, Brad describes 60 people who, he feels, epitomize strong values, etc.  It’s good reading and evokes a simple value to pass along to his daughter.

Why have I been thinking about this?  Well, it seems to me there are so many heroes out there.  Some live right next door.  Maybe it’s the crossing guard who makes sure the kids get safely across the busy street or maybe it’s the librarian who urges a child to try a new book – the everyday people who give our world purpose.

Later this week I’m launching a series called The Hero Next Door to spread the word about some of these everyday people quietly changing the world through great kindness, strength of purpose and courage.  Watch for the first of these about Reba Chonofsky, A Woman of Valor.

And if you know one of these special people please let me know.


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