Inspiring 18 Million Children

I think everyone knows I’m a huge fan of The Dictionary Project and all the organizations that take part in dictionary distributions every year.  Back in 1992 when Annie Plummer gave 50 dictionaries to third graders in a local school, who realized that just 20 years later more than 18,000,000 students would benefit from this program?

A dictionary isn’t just about looking up a word for its definition or spelling – it’s an inspiration; the vehicle to good communication skills, both written and verbal; the stimulus to creative thinking, a gift beyond compare.  Ask any of the children who have received one of these dictionaries and they will tell you that years later they still have and use it.  Even with the Internet, even with other electronic versions, a dictionary you can hold and touch brings words to life.

About to enter our 9th year distributing dictionaries, my Rotary Club is proud of our partnership with The Dictionary Project.  Dictionaries are modestly priced, most at $2.00 and it’s easy to sponsor a project.  Inspire a child today and for always with a dictionary.


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