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What’s Going On @ A Noble Purpose

A quick post to renew friendships and readers. Hard to believe I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of years. Some of you know about my vision impairment through my other blog, Macular Degeneration and Me, but it may be new to others.

Between some of my other volunteering and vision impairment, the research and writing of A Noble Purpose felt heavy on my shoulders. And my eyes!

Finishing up a terrific two years working on a volunteer project I decided to give myself a week of just thinking (and reading what I can handle). I’m glad I took this time to let various projects and ideas roam through my thought process because it’s led me to come back to A Noble Purpose with vim and vigor, but with some changes or caveats perhaps.

I’ll have to figure out what to do about misspellings, how to research without having to read copious amounts of words and to write lighter and brighter.

I would also like to continue with Macular Degeneration and Me because I have much to say about this disease and the impact it has on lives..including friends, families, travel, daily tasks like shopping and driving and life in general. But first I need to get some technical skills under my WordPress belt.

I hope  I have some readers left and if you are out there, please give me a shout. I’d appreciate hearing from you and what you would like to read on this blog.

Pepi Noble



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