Making A Difference…..with Socks

This is a story of curiosity, sock technology, entrepreneurship,  and wanting to do some good in the world.

Following this story since my sister gave me my first pair of Bombas socks. I am intrigued by how curiosity and compassion play a role in everyday lives.

With a long aversion to socks and how uncomfortable they are it never struck me to find a better way.  I just did not wear them.

But when Randy Goldberg  and David Heath saw a Facebook post about socks being the most requested item at homeless shelters they took a hard look at making socks more comfortable and available to men at these shelters.

Two years of research and development led to seven material improvements to the design, performance and comfort.  Remember that nasty little seam running along the top of your toes?  GONE!   And new design and natural fibers provide heels that stay put,  and keep your feet dry too.

If all this isn’t enough Goldberg and Heath figured out a way to donate one pair of socks for every pair that is purchased.  Currenlty with 1700 partners nationwide and over 20 MILLION pairs of socks donated. Bombas continues constant innovation, development of other clothing items and provide what they call “100% Happiness.”

And the best part?  Every possible color and style for Women, Men and Children.  Check them out and feel good about buying socks.  You will help make a difference.

Socks with a purpose?  Good life lesson.






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