About Pepi

My name is Pepi Noble and I’ve spent decades exploring the principles of service satisfaction, the motivation that spurs volunteering, and why people do what they do.  Working at both the global and local levels through Rotary International and my training company, Noble Resource Group, I’ve connected and worked with hundreds of people and organizations giving me opportunity to tell the stories of the people, the projects and humanitarian efforts which are changing the world…….those with what I consider to have the highest standards, ethics and A Noble Purpose.

Now, after four years of writing A Noble Purpose, I am making some changes to the stories I tell.  As more and more people find and follow their passion, I see so many stories that inspire and motivate but I do not personally know the person or organization.  So, with careful examination and assessment, I am adding the stories of people and organizations I believe are designed to increase awareness, boost volunteering, validate sustainable endeavors and inspire you to make a difference.  Enjoy.