Please Sign the Petition to End Polio

Of all the initiatives to eradicate polio, this one may be the one that re-involves the governments around the world to step back up and commit the dollars needed to bridge a $590 million dollar funding gap for vaccine faced by the private-public partners (including Rotary International) leading the eradication for the past 30 years.

Join this Call to Action asking World Leaders to commit, both financially and politically, to polio eradication.  Watch the story of Piper Pacquin from Pittsburgh, PA and how she is leading the way to END POLIO.  This charming and interesting video traces the history of polio and Rotary International’s involvement introducing new facts and information.

For each signature (up to 20,000) The Rotary Club of Crawley, Perth, Australia (D9455)  will donate vaccine to a child.  Another story of Rotary in action.  Thanks Rotary Club of Crawley.

I’ve signed the petition.  Won’t you?  You don’t need to be a Rotarian to sign it either.  It’s easy.  Watch the video below and click on Sign Petition.

End Polio petition


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