Hats Come Pouring In

A big surprise awaited me on Friday when I opened up a bag containing 19 Hats For A Purpose – our project to provide handmade knitted, crocheted or loomed  winter hats for children.  A member of the Red Hat Society had been hard at work making these adorable hats.  Every stitch is for a noble purpose.  These hats are woven on a circular loom – fun and fast – decorate with pompoms, flowers or tassels.  The kids are going to love them.  Thank you lovely lady.

Want to get involved?  Don’t know how to knit or crochet?  There are many videos onYouTube – just type knitting or crocheting into the search engine.  You can also post a comment or ask a question on this blog.


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  1. How wonderful is that?!? Way to go, Red Hat Society lady.

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